LIZARD® NDE is a world leader in the field of advanced non-destructive testing technologies and the home of the LIZARD® brand. LIZARD® is a technology capable of providing Alternating Current Field Measurement, Classic Phase Plane Impedance and our exclusive Field Gradient Imaging data from a single scan pass, whether array or single element. 


LIZARD Products

Lizard M8


All new Lizard® M8 systems come equipped with the ability to operate the Lizard® extended probe cable range, allowing for probe cable lengths of up-to 200M from Lizard® M8 to Lizard® probe sensor whether topside only or topside to subsea Lizard® probe. In addition advanced digital communications provides for faultless connection to a host PC regardless of proximity. The latest update of the Lizard M8 features a Lemo 4 pin connection in place of the Jaeger connector featured on previous designs for instant connectivity and set up of Classic Eddy Current sensors available from Lizard and selected third party manufacturers.

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