Calibration Centre

With 60 years of experience in NDT, we are renown for our quality, services, and integrity.  We constantly strive to improve the quality in NDT by implementing proper standards of calibration.  Ourcalibration center is open for calibration services and is well equipped with the highest standard of accuracy and precision reference equipment.

Who to Contact

For enquires contact lab coordinator For technical standard contact assistant laboratory manager

Calibration Intervals

All non-accredited calibration interval is 12 months Accredited calibration refers to standard method.

Lead Time

MelcoNDT offers you some of the best lead times in the industry. Our average lead time is one week.


Self arrangement by courier or hand deliver We may also collect the equipment from your facility in Klang Valley area only.

Accredited Calibration Laboratory                

  • In accordance to ISO 17025                                      
  • Working standard method                                        
  • Management of equipment                                      
  • Selection and verification method (NIST)              
  • Competency of lab personnel                                  
  • Environment monitoring system                                            
  • Documentation and records traceability               
  • Calibration certificate follows ISO requirement

Supplier’s or Agent’s Laboratory

  • In accordance to ISO 9001 if applicable
  • For OEM or in-house method
  • No management of equipment
  • Not traceable to NIST
  • Not interval competency check
  • No environment logs
  • No proper filing and easily can do any wrongdoings
  • Calibration certificate create by in-house method


Melco NDT

Your competent partner supporting your Non Destructive Testing needs.


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